LINIAN Clip Insertion Tool, 0.9-6mm (1LCITMP)

Sold individually

LINIAN Clip Insertion Tool, 0.9-6mm (1LCITMP)

Sold individually

To be used with 0.9 - 6 mm cable clips.

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LINIAN Clip Insertion Tool, 0.9-6mm (1LCITMP) are siutable for:

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An easy and versatile way to install LINIAN Clips.

A specialist setting tool for the insertion of LINIAN cable clips from 0.9 to 6 mm. With one simple push you can be confident that the clip is fully installed holding the cable tight and secure in place. For NanoClips and FireClips under 6mm.

- Made in Britain


- Made of Thick Poly-Pro

Following LINIAN's pursue of being sustainable, polypropylene is recyclable. It can be separated from other plastic types, melted into a liquid, cooled, and turned into pellets, then used to form new plastics. However, polypropylene loses its strength and flexibility as it goes through the recycling process.

Weight: n/a
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