Regular upgrading of compliance regulations, including the 18th Edition Wiring Regulations, has intensified a universal need for ever more efficient, BS7671 compliant and ever higher quality fire-rated cable clips.

LINIAN offers wide range of time-saving innovative products for the fire and security, electrical wholesale, EV, PV and fibre markets. The situation has driven significant interest in LINIAN clips in many countries around the world.

In meeting the demand, and in establishing new markets, we have secured LINIAN's availability through all major national electrical wholesalers as well as other retailers in the UK. In Ireland LINIAN can be purchased via preferred LINIAN distributors. Our product is also available in key locations globally. 

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If you are an overseas distributor looking to purchase our products please contact our Sales Manager Jamie Kirk - jamie.kirk@linianclip.co.uk.

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For our UK and Irish customers, please enter a postcode or location in the box below to find stockists near you. You can also call LINIAN on 0141 465 4858 or email orders@linianclip.co.uk to speak with our friendly sales team.

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You can also call us on +44 (0) 141 465 4858 or email us at orders@linianclip.co.uk