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The LINIAN team has been quite busy over the past couple of months with our CEO Ian Arbuckle MIET and Global Commercial Director Lynne Jhangeer participating in several webinars organised by our partners at Voltimum.

Please click the links provided below and watch the recorded sessions on demand.

“Premature Cable Collapse, Seriously, WTF Is The Corrigendum?” was a webinar presented by our CEO Ian Arbuckle MIET. During this webinar, Ian walked us through the history of the wiring regulations, both in terms of their past and present. He also discussed the various responsibilities and considerations that fall on the shoulders of the electricians and installers. Ian also highlighted the amendments in the Corrigendum on the regulations, emphasising what key insights electricians, electrical contractors and installers should take on board.

Premature Collapse of Cables. Seriously, WTF Is a (voltimum.co.uk)


“More Than Just Ticking Boxes: A Transformational Approach of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)”. Lynne provides valuable insights on several critical aspects. Firstly, she identifies what ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) means in practical terms for contractors in today's landscape, shedding light on its real-world implications. Lynne then speaks from LINIAN's own experiences, presenting a compelling case study that offers insight into the challenges and successes encountered in the pursuit of ESG excellence during the process of designing current award-winning sustainable LINIAN packaging range.

More Than Just Ticking Boxes: A Transformational (voltimum.co.uk)


In this webinar, Lynne talks about the wide range of opportunities in the electrical industry for young people, not limited to traditional roles like electricians but including various career paths. She also gives an overview of the resources for professional training and development, helping attendees improve their skills and wellbeing. You will hear first-hand from our partners at the Electrical Distributors' Association (the EDA) and Apprentice 121. 

Powering Up the Next Wave: Building the Future (voltimum.co.uk)



“EV and Net Zero. The impact of new Net Zero targets on the Electric Vehicles Industry”. Ian talks about the influence of the New Net Zero on daily operations of the electrical contractors, electricians and installers, and what they should be mindful of. Additionally, Ian provides updates on LINIAN's product range available to support EV charger installations, highlighting products that can aid in achieving full compliance, streamline installations, and enhance safety for the installers.


We hope you enjoy watching. With any questions to LINIAN team please contact us.