Product Insight: Multiple applications to streamline your toolbox

At LINIAN we have taken time to develop and enhance our original range of single component fixings to enable you to use them across a more comprehensive range of applications and not just for fire alarm cabling. Our three ranges, including FireClips, SuperClips and T&E Clips can now assist you with the installation of even more cable types, including SWA and twin and CPC cabling, conduits and PVC trunking to give an enviable and aesthetically pleasing finish achieved in just three easy steps directly to the substrate. LINIAN clips can also be used as an anchor fixing for wire suspension rope and stainless steel cable ties and boast an impressive tensile load of 24kg across the FireClip and T&E Clip ranges and 44kg for SuperClips. Our three great, comprehensive and adaptable product ranges have been designed with installers in mind at every stage meaning that even the best toolboxes can be further streamlined without the need to worry about the right clip for each project. Let us guide you through the various applications across the three product ranges to make your installations faster, safer and simpler. Our three ranges can be installed across a wide range of substrates offering added convenience and efficiency when you choose LINIAN as your preferred method of installation. By far the most adaptable product across the three ranges are the LINIAN SuperClips, released in March 2019. Suited as a more robust fixing for heavier armoured cables (SWA), grouped or bunched cables and a direct replacement for traditional PVC or metal conduit saddles the SuperClips are sized with the relevant “CC” number for convenience when choosing the right clip for your cables. This versatility means that only one type of fixing, like LINIAN, is required for a wider range of applications across your projects. Since the introduction of the 18th edition it is evident that plastic cleats will no longer suffice in installations therefor the SuperClips provide a nice, easy and versatile substitute and eradicate the need for screws, plugs and plastic or wrap around cleats No more conduit saddles. When using SuperClips as conduit saddles you remove the need for three screws meaning that you can be confident that this range will definitely save time and provide an even tidier finish that you can be proud of. In fact, the cable clips are almost invisible blending in with the conduit to give the illusion that your cables and conduits are floating whilst being confident in the knowledge of its impressive tensile load certification. As if this wasn’t enough the impressive 44kg pull out force of the LINIAN Superclip lends well to the suspension of various items from secondary supports for lighting, lighting trunking and other services where it will act as an anchor fixing. You will notice that the SuperClips are much “chunkier” than our FireClip and T&E ranges and this has been designed with intent to enable significant rotational stress. This means that you can anchor your SWA safely and form a bend in the cable without having to remove the clip to do so. The LINIAN T&E Clips for Twin and CPC cabling, released at the same time as SuperClips, are considered by many installers to be an essential part of our range. This range of products was borne from valuable customer feedback and are available in sizes 1mm, 1.5mm, 2.5mm, 4mm, 6mm and 10mm. Although these have not been designed solely with time saving in mind we do listen to our customers who wanted a range of fully tested products for Twin and CPC cabling that can withstand the most difficult fire testing conditions, which include mechanical shock, and provide them with a robust solution for their installations. The LINIAN T&E clips have an impressive corrosion protection coating, tensile load strengths of 24kgs and also boast a UV stable coating meaning that they can stand the test the time in the toughest environments. Their sleek design means that the LINIAN T&E Clips can comfortably sit within PVC mini trunking to retain the smallest of cables and trunking in one swift motion whilst encouraging the lid to sit fully flush and not bevel. What Makes LINIAN Different? Our rigorous testing process ensures the safest products on the market. Just ask for your copy today. Our streamlined product range has a whole host of alternative uses and are suitable for use in all substrates. Why not #streamlineyourtoolbox and try them out today? If you are interested in ordering any of our products or would just like to find out more, please contact our helpful LINIAN team at or on 0141 465 4858.