LINIAN to exhibit at the ADI Global Distribution Expo 2019 in London

LINIAN is delighted to have teamed up with one of their distributors, FM Products Ltd, to showcase their range of 18th Edition Compliant products, the FireClip, SuperClip and T&E Clip, at the next ADI Expo Event. ADI is the leading global wholesale distributor of security and low voltage products with more than 200 worldwide locations throughout Europe, Africa, Asia, the Middle East, North America and Norway. The ADI Expo Programme is the largest one day seminar for industry professionals. This is the first time LINIAN has exhibited at one of ADI’s Expo events – Ian Arbuckle, Managing Director at LINIAN explained the importance of being part of an event of this kind: “We will be one of 45+ brands exhibiting at the event which we are very excited about. Having already formed a fantastic partnership with ADI – they will be stocking our brand new Point Of Sale in the next few weeks - we are thrilled to have the opportunity (courtesy of FM Products Ltd) to talk to people about our products. Our products are designed to make cable installations faster, safer and simpler and we are proud to say we now offer a range of fire rated cable clips to suit approximately 90% of installations”. It’s an ideal opportunity to see our brand new products for yourself! LINIAN recently launched two new products: The SuperClips have been manufactured from heavy gauge steel and are available to accommodate larger diameter cables and conduits up to 25mm (this includes armoured and grouped cables). The T&E Clips have been designed specifically for flat twin and cpc cabling (twin & earth), and are available in sizes 1mm, 1.5mm, 2.5mm, 4mm, 6mm and 10mm. All LINIAN products are suitable for a wide range of cables across ALL substrates. Both the LINIAN FireClip and T&E Clip can support a tensile load equal to 24kg or one bag of cement while the SuperClip can support a tensile load equal to 44kg or two bags of cement. LINIAN – leading the way in innovation LINIAN is a proud family business established in 2006, based in Scotland – a country renowned for its extraordinary heritage in innovation and invention the world over. Innovation resonates within the core of everything we do and Team LINIAN is committed to creating the highest quality products, suitable for a variety of cables for installation into all substrates. You can view our new brochure here
LINIAN’S range of clips make for essential time saving and compliant cable installs for any job, anywhere! Paul Meenan CEO and Founder #E5 Group When you are looking for products for a cable installation job, you want the best product and LINIAN has the very best products on the market. Nobody else comes close to LINIAN’s quality. Mark Ketley STS Distribution