LINIAN to attend the Association of Electrical Contractors (Ireland) Trade Show 2018

Team LINIAN will attend their first Electrical Trade Show in Ireland next month – hosted by the Association of Electrical Contractors (Ireland) – AECI. The one-day free event (to be held on the 6th Sep at the Citywest Hotel, Dublin) will attract electrical contractors, wholesalers, architects, consulting engineers, student engineers, facility managers and electricians. As well as LINIAN, exhibitors include Precision Cables, Safe Electric, Brother and Megger. Lynne Jhangeer, Sales and Export Director at LINIAN explains the importance of bringing the full range of LINIAN products to the Irish market: ‘The LINIAN fire rated cable clip range saves time, money and lives and is the only full compliant, single component, time saving solution. We already have over 200 stockists throughout the UK and we would love to secure a wide variety of stockists in Ireland. LINIAN are the only screwless fire clip manufacturer to offer a range of colour finishes to match the cable. Our products have been independently tested to meet the fire regulations in the EU and they are compliant with IS3218 2013. We’re very excited about the opportunities ahead of us in this new market – it’s going to be an interesting few months which will hopefully result in many new partnerships’. Installation of the LINIAN Fire Clip in 3 easy steps:
  • Drill 6mm diameter hole into the required material
  • Slide the LINIAN Clip over the cable, so that it is seated in the rounded area
  • Compress the LINIAN Clips legs and simply insert into the hole by hand
The LINIAN Fire Clip is:
  • Three times faster to install than traditional methods
  • Expertly designed to save time, money and lives
  • Compliant with IS3218 2013
The LINIAN Fire Clip also meets the following standards:
  • Independently fire rated tested to 90 minutes (EU)
  • Burn tested with a melting point of >1000 degrees Celsius
  • Pull out or tensile load equal to 244 newtons = one bag of cement
Product Range With over 20 products in the range, LINIAN offer a variety of Single and Double LINIAN Fire Clips. About AECI The AECI is a member association of the Electrical Industries Federation of Ireland (EIFI) – which provides a forum within which all sectors of the Irish Electrical Industry can discuss matters of industry interest. The AECI aims to foster and promote the trading, commercial and financial interests of persons, firms and bodies – whether wholesale, retail, electrical or electronic, contractors and allied trades and businesses. They also aim to ensure compliance with pricing and conditions, with a view to attaining and maintaining equitable treatment for both traders and the public and to give advice and render assistance to members of the Association and others. About LINIAN LINIAN is a family owned and run pioneering business based in Scotland specialising in the manufacture and distribution of patented fire rated cable clips to make cable installations faster, safer and simpler. The result of years of advanced technical research and direct experience, the LINIAN Fire Rated Cable Clip is a unique single component design, meaning that there are no screws, nails, washers or plastic in the substrate meaning significant advantages to the installer to save time, money and lives.