Ian Arbuckle - Family Business Top 100

Ian Arbuckle included in 'Family Business Top 100'

We are delighted to announce that our very own Ian Arbuckle, CEO of LINIAN, has been included in the inaugural Family Business United, 'Family Business Top 100,' which recognises the exceptional contribution of individuals and their work within a family business.

Recognition in respect of:

  • Inspirational Leadership
  • Next Generation
  • Champion of Change & Innovation

Ian is the CEO and Technical Director at LINIAN. He spent his early years on the tools as an electrician and quickly progressed, spending the next ten years in a senior design role within various leading building services consultancies. He founded LINIAN with his sister Lynne and their parents and joined the business full-time in 2015 before taking on the CEO role in 2016.

At LINIAN, Ian is responsible for the company's overall management, ensuring that all goals are achieved and that the company adheres to its core values, maintaining a working culture that benefits the business and the people. He also appreciates the opportunity to develop new products and improve existing ones alongside his dad, Wes Arbuckle.

Ian has an excellent leadership style and is committed to being the best possible leader and mentor to the growing LINIAN team. He is also the driver behind the new LINIAN apprenticeship programme, mentoring and supporting the next generation of talent and increasing the leadership skills of the existing team too.

Ian is focused on the future of the business and future generations of the family and the workforce and thoroughly deserving of his place in the Family Business Top 100.

Family Business United has created the inaugural Family Business Top 100, which showcases some of the best of family business individuals across the UK. Nominations were sought from all corners of the UK and all sectors of the economy. Entrants must have worked in a senior position within the business for at least five years.  

As Paul Andrews, Founder of Family Business United, who has created this report, explains, "Family businesses are the backbone of the UK economy and often the unsung heroes too. Family firms are significant contributors to the economy in terms of jobs, income generated, and wealth created. Behind each family firm are individuals driving them, making decisions and looking to the future. Family firms take the long-term view and invest in their businesses and the communities in which they operate. We wanted to create the Family Business Top 100 to recognise outstanding individuals within these organisations and to shine a light on the people making a difference within the business and more broadly too."

"What better way to celebrate the vibrancy of a sector than to highlight the people within family businesses, leading from the front, fulfilling a role as a steward for future generations, those developing sustainable practices and acting as innovators and agents of change, the next generation embarking on key initiatives that will drive the next stage in the family business journey and those that have delivered a lifetime of service and commitment to the family business. Each and every one of them deserves to be recognised and celebrated. It is these individuals and the family firms they are associated with that is at the very heart of what we do – championing family firms across the whole of the UK and beyond."

"The past few years have not been easy, and pulling the Family Business Top 100 together has provided us all with the opportunity to celebrate the contribution of family firms and the significant impact that individuals within them make each and every day. Family business matters, and we are proud to celebrate and showcase 100 individuals who are truly deserving of their place in the inaugural report. Congratulations to each and every one of them and their contribution to an exceptional body of family business talent," concludes Paul.


You can see the first 50 people on the list on the website here: