How do we tests products there are no test standards for?

I know, it’s mental right? Changes in the electrical wiring regulations can have a significant impact on products across the market. We are seeing this as we a speak with the changes to BS7671 IET Wiring Regulation 18th Edition. Long before the 18th changes, when Lynne and I were working with a concept for a fire-rated fixing that would save time, lives and money, there was no requirement within the Electrical Wiring Regulations. The flagship LINIAN fire clip product was designed to satisfy the requirements of BS5839 Code of Practice for the installation of Fire Detection and Alarm Systems. Allowing installers to comply with the need to secure fire alarm system cables using fixings with an equivalent fire rating to the cable they are supporting. To maintain the circuit integrity so that a fire alarms system doesn’t fail when it’s needed most. In terms of the 18th Edition, the requirement for fixings to be fire rated to prevent premature collapse is a different kettle of fish. We’re not just looking at keeping a sounder sounding or a beacon blinking. We’re preventing humans from being entangled in the cable. For LINIAN, we decided that we had to develop our products and test them to ensure that they were capable of this inconceivably responsible task. After trawling through standards and speaking with certification and test houses all over the world we were faced with the title question… How do we test a product there are no test standards for?? Ultimately our quest to prove our product was up to the task led us back to the Fire Alarm installations but this time, we looked how they prove the integrity of fire-rated cables for 2 hrs under extreme circumstances. LINIAN Worked with Exova Warrington Fire to develop this test to prove the integrity of the clips themselves. Enhanced 120 Minute fire cable is tested to BSEN 50200 PH120 Class. This test is 120-minute 1000degree burn test which subjects cables under load to extreme heat, mechanical shock and salt water spray. LINIAN Fire Clips have been tested to and exceed this standard developed in partnership with Exova. This means our clips can not only take the heat of the task, but the mechanical shock element ensures our products won't fail open when they are needed the most, securing cable in place even if the clips are impacted or even partially removed due to external factors in a fire. Oh … we also tested to the even more strict European equivalent standard DIN4102-12. LINIAN's unique product coating offers unparalleled corrosion resistance alongside the versatility to have clips in any colour the heart desires. It’s also London Underground Approved for smoke emissions. Not only do LINIAN save Time, Money and Lives. We guarantee, as engineers and a family, that LINIAN and our products will not let anyone down when they are needed most.