A day in the life of Team LINIAN’s Sales & Export Director – Lynne Jhangeer

Half of LINIAN (the Lynne of LINIAN) and sister of Ian Arbuckle, as Sales & Export Director – Lynne has over 15 years’ experience in construction and manufacturing. Lynne’s role is jam packed so we caught up with her to find out what life in LINIAN is really like… Q: What’s it like working for a family business? Lynne: I absolutely love working in our family business. Every day brings its own set of success stories and challenges. However, I’m comfortable knowing we all have different (but very complimentary) skill sets and knowledge – when we pull together as a team, we are capable of creating something quite brilliant! We work extremely hard and it would be so easy to get lost in work 24/7 but we know what we are building is for each other and our children – we want to leave a legacy for the next generation of Team LINIAN. Q: Describe a typical day for you – is there such a thing? Lynne: Typically I am engaging with clients whether that be developing and nurturing new relationships or cementing the valued ones that we already have. I also like to brainstorm with the marketing side of the business to give my creative energy an outlet. If my customer (stockists/wholesalers/end users) need something then I’m always the first person that they call to make sure they have access to our great range of products where and when they need them most. Q: What has been your biggest challenge since joining LINIAN? Lynne: My biggest challenge since joining LINIAN is definitely trying to strike the balance between being a new mother with an aggressively ambitious and entrepreneurial nature. I think that over time as both the business and my child have grown that balance has evolved naturally but in the early days it certainly wasn’t easy. It was, however, one of my biggest drivers on our most challenging days as we scaled up. Q: What has been your biggest professional success/achievement? Lynne: From a personal level, stepping outside my comfort zone of what should have happened when I had a baby and having the foresight and vision to get stuck into LINIAN. It was me that took the initial leap and with the support of my husband, family and son I’ve never looked back. Now they’re here with me, it’s even better! From a business perspective, being recognised as leaders and experts in our respective fields of innovation, engineering and construction is a huge buzz. We have and are creating so many opportunities with the continual development of our product ranges. Wait until you see what we have up our sleeves for the future! We are constantly innovating and working to create jobs, engineers of the future and to continue to manufacture in the UK. Q: What is your favourite thing about working for LINIAN? Lynne: There are lots of great reasons to work for LINIAN but my personal favourite is that we are not afraid to challenge ourselves or the markets that we operate in. We are constantly striving for better and safer ways of working within our industry – we have forged many great relationships with like-minded individuals and that is a fantastic feeling and something to be celebrated. Q: What’s the best piece of work-related or personal advice you have received? Lynne: The piece of work related and personal advice that I have been given is that family is family. We might not agree on everything but as the sun sets on LINIAN HQ we leave as brother, sister, mother and father – normally to the pub after a particularly tough day. Q: What do you do to relax/unwind? Lynne: I spend most of my free time with my husband, Raymond, and my little boy Archie. He is the reason that I started this business and I cherish every minute that we get together. Raymond and I enjoy car racing, spending time at our caravan and watching Archie grow. Q: What would you say to someone who has never used a LINIAN product? Lynne: What have you got to lose? It’s 3 x faster, stops the premature collapse of cables and saves time, money and lives. Q: What would you say to a stockist who is interested in stocking your products? Lynne: I’d say - contact me today - our team will be delighted to assist you!