A day in the life of Team LINIAN’s Managing Director – Ian Arbuckle

Ian (or the Ian of LINIAN as he is often known) is an Electrical Design Engineer with over a decade of experience. Ian’s knows every technical aspect about LINIAN’s range of 18th Edition Compliant products - so we caught up with him to find out what life in LINIAN is really like… Q: What’s it like working for a family business? Ian: It can be very challenging at times, as you might expect, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Imagine having an MD and board of directors who would give everything to ensure you are not only successful but comfortable, happy and healthy. That’s where working with family is a massive advantage. We all look out for and support each other in the unique way that only family can. Q: Describe a typical day for you – is there such a thing? Ian: I get up early - having two young boys aged 2 and 4 years old see to that! I’m normally in the office around 8am. I’ll catch up with Lynne (my sister and the other half of LINIAN) on the sales and Wes or the warehouse guys around the operations for the day. The rest of my time is taken up with meetings or working “on” rather than “in” the business. I like to get out of the office for a while at lunch to clear my head and often go for a walk around the canal and watch the wakeboarders doing their tricks as we’re right across from Pinkston Watersports. I think it’s absolutely essential to maintain a mindful approach to work. Q: What has been your biggest challenge since joining LINIAN? Ian: I made the same mistake (I think many people do) when going into business from a professional career, thinking I knew everything. Within the first week I realised I knew very little! It’s been a real challenge to stop thinking like an engineer (i.e. work in = work out minus efficiencies) and realise that being in business requires much more flexibility, a broader knowledge base and a good understanding of my team that allows us all to synergise and work together efficiently. Q: What has been your biggest professional success/achievement? Ian: The success of LINIAN to date is definitely up there! But gaining my IET Membership was a huge achievement for me. Q: What is your favourite thing about working for LINIAN? Ian: I love the challenge that it brings. Prior to starting LINIAN I was considering a complete career change and heading off into a different market or industry. I have grown to realise I love our industry and I was just in the wrong job. That’s what I love about LINIAN – there’s always a new challenge! Q: What’s the best piece of work-related or personal advice you have received? Ian: When I was completing my 5th year at secondary school and considering going to University, my guidance teacher, Mr Boal, encouraged me to put University to one side for the moment and to obtain a trade first. I now understand and appreciate that he recognised something within me that I didn’t recognise in myself at the time. I was eager and willing to learn but also young and restless. I now know I learn best not from books or study, but from being fully immersed and talking to experienced people - so cheers Mr Boal, that was solid advice that got me to here! Q: What do you do to relax/unwind? Ian: I’m in a band – I’m the drummer for Guns ‘n’ Rosie. I also play the guitar a lot but love spending time with my wife and kids at the caravan or over in Holland with my in laws and seeing as much of Europe as we can on these trips. Not many people know this but I actually have a rehearsal studio at LINIAN HQ – which is used whenever I need some downtime! Q: What would you say to someone who has never used a LINIAN product? Ian: We have the solution (the only single component fire rated fixing on the market) that allows you to be the best, most compliant engineer but will still allow you to maintain (and even increase) your sales margins. The real question is – what are you waiting for! Q: What would you say to a stockist who is interested in stocking your products? Ian: Lynne and I literally grew up in an electrical wholesalers started by our grandparents. We understand better than most what is required of us to be a great partner and we aim to deliver on that understanding, every day, through every single interaction.