NEW Coaxial & Galvanised Ranges Added

At LINIAN, we are always looking for new ways we can support our customers and enhance our product offering. This month, we are pleased to announce two NEW additions to our clip range.

New Galvanised SuperClips for Galv Conduits:

It’s no secret that we have developed our own coating for the LINIAN clip range which ensures our products meet the highest standards for corrosion and impact resistance whilst maintaining that aesthetic our users love.

So, when we looked to bring a product to market for Galvanised conduit, traditional methods just wouldn’t do the trick for us. We have now managed to adapt our unique LINIAN coating to provide a Galv finish to that same high standard you’ve come to expect from all our products.

Galvanised clips are available now as part of our core SuperClip range to suit conduit in sizes 18-20mm (Part No: 1LSGALV1820), 20-22mmm (1LSGALV2022) and 23-25mm (1LSGALV2325).

Our Galvanised coating is also available across all other LINIAN sizes and ranges.

Coaxial ‘Shotgun’ Cable Clips

Our new Coaxial range meets the needs of Security installers by allowing for the rapid installation of twin coaxial or Shotgun cables.

The LINIAN Coaxial Shotgun Cable Clip (RG59BU) is designed to suit RG59 coaxial 'Shotgun' cabling which is commonly used for CCTV installation. Shotgun cabling allows the installer to send power and a video signal down just the one cable, saving installation time and money by fitting a single cable rather than two. LINIAN RG59 Coaxial Shotgun Cable Clips provide a neat, easy and versatile substitute for plastic cleats and saddle clips and eradicate the need for screws, plugs and plastic, saving the installer even further installation time.

All LINIAN clips are corrosion resistant and suitable for indoor and outdoor use, making these clips ideal for installing both interior and exterior CCTV, AV and Satellite TV installations.

Available in Black (Part No: 1LCABT004), White (1CAWT004) and custom colours.

We’re continuing to operate as normal, so order your NEW Galvanised SuperClips and Coaxial clips now by sending an email to, alternatively check out our stockists HERE or buy online HERE.