At LINIAN, we pride ourselves on our safe and reliable products. All LINIAN products are manufactured in the UK with the best quality materials and rigorously tested to ensure they meet highest standards of safety and compliance. However, at LINIAN, we are not content just to meet the regulations (see our previous blog here), we believe it is important to continually push ourselves, and the industry to be better. To help us achieve this aim, we have enlisted a panel of independent experts who share our common goal to promote best practice for both manufacturers and installers within the electrical and fire safety industry.

We call them the LINIAN DRAGONS.

We are very lucky here at LINIAN to work with this panel of completely independent and prestigious individuals who have confidently asserted their place within the market as experts.

The panel, founded earlier this year, includes members of the e5 Group, senior project coordinators, engineers, and electrical educators. All LINIAN DRAGON panel members are passionate advocates for safe, ethical practice within the industry. The LINIAN DRAGONS work with us in a voluntary capacity to provide advice, test our products to help flag any potential safety or practical concerns, and to help us make improvements before our products make it to market. By working with the LINIAN DRAGONS, we are confident that our products not only meet our own high standards but reflect the highest standards and expectations of the industry’s leading experts.

We were delighted to work with the LINIAN DRAGONS and gain their expert insight ahead of our most recent product launch for the Earth Rod Pro, our first in a series of new non-clip related products launching in 2020 and 2021. If you’ve been following LINIAN for a while you’ll know our motto is ‘faster, safer and simpler’ and there is no exception to this with our latest innovation. The Earth Rod Pro is an innovative patent-pending new solution which helps the installer to rapidly install earthing rods. With the Earth Rod Pro, an earth rod can now be installed in less than two minutes!

The EARTH ROD PRO has been tested and unanimously approved by the LINIAN DRAGONS. The LINIAN DRAGONS found the EARTH ROD PRO “very innovative”, “far easier” and “much faster than traditional methods”. We are confident that users will agree and we’re very pleased with the positive reception so far.

Following on from the launch of the Earth Rod Pro, we look forward to continuing our collaboration with the LINIAN DRAGONS, helping to improve and expand our product range, and striving to solve wider industry problems together.

You can be part of the change!

Are you sick and tired of certain old-fashioned methods, slow installations or risky practices? Think there could be a better way? We want to know how we can help make your life easier and safer. We’d love to hear your comments, suggestions and problems.

If you feel that you’ve got what it takes to be a LINIAN DRAGON (or wish to nominate a candidate), please drop us an email with your details and thoughts on how we can work together to improve the industry.


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