Friday 11/06/21


Every week we take you on a walk with LINIAN directors (and siblings) Lynne Jhangeer and Ian Arbuckle as they discuss all things LINIAN, including working with family, navigating a business through the pandemic, and mental health.

For DIRECTORS WALK Part 5, Lynne and Ian discuss the Euros, Voltimum Live and KPI Targets. Take a look at the video above or read a summary in our blog post below.

DIRECTORS WALK Part 5: Targets

Euros are starting this week! We are excited to see Scotland play in a major competition for the first time since we were kids (23 years ago!). We’re wishing Scotland and all the other home nations the best in it.

This week we have been taking part in Voltimum Live Electrical Trade Exhibition. Ian presented a new live webinar on The Rising Importance of Aesthetics in cable installations (Available on the Voltimum Academy now: LINK). It was really popular, and thanks to everyone who attended.


Speaking of targets, that’s the subject of this week’s walk. We’ve been doing a lot of work on KPI’s and measurement targets, not just recently, this is something we have always been serious about since the beginning.

Interesting facts and figures for you – last year, during the pandemic, we grew by over 10%. We would like to say thank you to everyone who has supported us with this growth. That was a record turnover for LINIAN since we started. Also, off the back of that, we have decided to get much stricter in how we measure our sales performance.

Next Day Delivery

For anyone who places an order with us by 1pm, 98.2% are delivered on time, the next working day. To do that we use a courier network with DHL, TNT and most of the big guys. We’re really happy with that. It means that if you place an order with LINIAN you are going to get it, on time and in full. There is obviously, just over a percentage that we want to improve on. What’s important is that we set ourselves a target and we do our best to achieve or exceed it.

A lot of this has been achieved during the pandemic when the UK carrier network has been at its busiest, so how they reacted to that has been nothing short of miraculous to be honest with you to still be able to deliver on time and in full for relatively smaller businesses like ours, especially with more businesses going online than ever.


We have a 0.025 tolerance for quality, and we are happy to say that we have surpassed that year on year so, you know that what you are getting is a great quality, British-made product.

Other key performance indicators we measure are staff-retention, operationally – finances, growth, profitability. We were wondering - How do you guys manage this as well? What procedures do you put in place to track performance? Is it formal, informal, spreadsheet based…? We’d love to know.


For those on the receiving end of what we measure ourselves on when it comes to sales and delivery and things like that, we’re sitting here blowing our own trumpet and banging the drum about how great we’ve done this year on service and delivery but as always, feedback is the most important thing to us. So, if there’s anything, good or bad, that you as end-users or wholesalers want to feed back to us, we are always open to hearing it.

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