Burning Questions Part 1: Answering your FAQs

Here at LINIAN, we love answering all your burning questions, this helps us ensure that you are confident when selecting your LINIAN products. In our latest feature, we'll be covering all your FAQs, so read on to find out more.

  • What are your clips and why are they important? LINIAN Clips are single-component fire-rated cable fixings, designed to make any cable installation FASTER, SAFER, and SIMPLER. They are not only fully 18th Edition compliant, but they look great and can save the installer time, money and they can even save lives.
  • Do the new regulations apply to all installations? The 18th Edition wiring regulations (Amendment 1) states that ALL cables must be supported to prevent premature collapse, not just those in escape routes.
  • Is there anywhere that it doesn’t really apply? The regulations apply to every installation, even temporary ones. Our new blue and yellow clips are ideal for temporary installations and can be reused again later.
  • What clips do you use for boiler installations? Our fire clips are ideal for clipping flexible cables for final connections to boilers and pumps etc and our T&E clips are ideal for the Twin and CPC cables often used for the main power supplies.
  • What clips do you use for temporary lighting and power? See our blog post here (http://www.linianclip.co.uk/new-linian-clips-for-temporary-lighting-and-power-installations/)
  • What clips can you use inside mini trunking? Our fire clips fit snuggly inside plastic mini trunking and our clip and tie packs are ideal for larger sized trunking both new and retrofit.
  • What clips can I use with multi-compartment trunking? Clip and Tie Packs.
  • I am domestic housebuilder – what clips do you have for me? Twin and Earth clips for internal wiring super clips for external SWA cables and all internal domestic Pipework
  • What clips can I use to install satellite cables? Coaxial Clips
  • What clips can I use to install CCTV cables outside? Our new range of Coaxial clips is ideal for RG59 Coaxial ‘Shotgun’ cables which are used for CCTV installation. Our clips are corrosion resistant, UV Stable, and suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. They also look really nice and neat as they blend in with the cable,
  • Will any of these clips rust? Our clips are made to withstand the elements and have been salt spray tested to over 1000 hours (That’s a similar standard to the paint treatment you would find on cars!)
  • Do I need different clips for cables being run outside or can I use the same ones for my internal applications? Our clips are corrosion resistant and UV Stable, so they are suitable for indoor or outdoor use.
  • Why do I need to be bothered about tensile or pull out loads? Pull-out strength or tensile load strength means the amount of weight the clip can support. The higher the number, the more tension it can withstand, and the more secure the fixing. Our clips are tested to a tensile load strength of 24kg for FireClips/T&E/Coaxial clips, and a whopping 44kg for our SuperClips.
  • What clip do I need for FP200 1.5 cabling? For standard grade cabling, it is our 6-8mm single or double available in red for fire alarm cabling and white for emergency lighting and general lighting applications. For enhanced grade cabling its out 9-11mm single and double.
  • How can I find the right clip to suit my cables? Take a look at our sizing guide (http://www.linianclip.co.uk/sizing-guide/)
  • How do I find my local stockist? Take a look at our stockist map (http://www.linianclip.co.uk/distributor/)
  • I don’t want to use plastic cleats now – what do you have? We’re glad to hear it! Ditch those old plastic cleats. Our SuperClips are great for conduit and armoured cabling. They’re up to 72% faster to install, look great (can be produced in any RAL colour) and there’s no need for any additional drill holes, or plugs, screws, washers. Importantly, they are also made of metal, so they are 18th Edition compliant, and won’t melt in the event of a fire. Try our SuperClips now!
  • What clips should I use for outside armoured cables in hot tubs? Superclips....and fitting an earth rod on the hot tub circuit? Check out Earth Rod Pro.
  • What clips should I use for EV charging units and will they rust? More and more installers are using LINIAN clips for EV charging. Our SuperClips provide a really neat and professional finish and are corrosion resistant and UV Stable, ideal for outdoor environments.
  • I live on the Isle of man – can I use your clips in this extreme environment? Yes UV Stable and corrosion-resistant on all clips
  • What clips can I use for Flexible conduits? Superclips to cover all flexcon sizes
  • What clips can I use for outside lighting? All LINIAN clips are suitable for indoor or outdoor use. Our black SuperClips are popular for outdoor lighting.
  • Can I use your clips on tunnels where I need to consider smoke emissions? Yes, our clips are safe for use in tunnels and tested to the same high standards used in the London Underground.
  • What size of drill bit for FireClips? 6mm
  • What size of drill bit for SuperClips? 10mm
  • What depth of hole do I need to drill? 30mm for FireClips/T&E/Coaxial, and 40mm for SuperClips
  • How do they work? Simply, drill a hole, wrap the clip around the cable, insert into the hole, job done!
  • Do you need to drill a hole for each leg? Nope, you just need one hole per clip and no need for any screws, plugs or washers.
  • Can you use them in plasterboard? Yes, you can. Please bear in mind the tensile load strength will be lower (5kg) due to the strength of the substrate.
  • Do LINIAN clips work in metal? The barbed legs won’t work in metal as they need to get a nice grip. They will work in Brick & Hollow Brick, Concrete, Light/Heavy/Hollow Block, Timber, Masonry, and even plasterboard* (*Pull Out load reduced to 5kg).
  • I already use metal cleats, why should I use LINIAN clips instead? With LINIAN clips, you only need to drill one hole and don’t need any additional screws, saving the installer time. LINIAN clips are also available in a variety of colours to match the cable or conduit and provide a neat and tidy finish that is also 18th Edition compliant.

Do you have any burning questions? Email us at info@linianclip.co.uk or drop us a message on social media.